Note to Campers for Friday the 13th

Note to Campers for Friday the 13th

Dear Campers at Friday the 13th in Port Dover,

Please note that the Doverwood Public School is being used on Thursday June 12, 2014, as a voting location for Norfolk County residents for the Ontario Election.  We ask that you please respect the volunteers and all signage.

There will be no camping allowed on the front lawn of the school until after 8 pm.  We may direct traffic to different entrances depending on traffic flow.  If possible, those on bikes only are asked to use the entrance at the Kinsmen Park.  Bikes, RVs and cars are asked to use the entrance off New Lakeshore Road (used 14 New Lakeshore Road, Port Dover in your GPS).

The school is OFF LIMITS to campers.  Please do not try to access school for washrooms, there will be portable toilets for campers.  Only voters will be allowed to enter the school.

Shuttles will run from the front of Doverwood School to the Molson Main Stage from 11 am Thursday to 2 am Friday and from 10 am Friday to 2 am Saturday.

Camping is $20 per person per night.  Campers will be charged $40 per person if they arrive Thursday.  If you leave before 12:00 noon on Friday you will be entitled to one night refund.  But you must be packed up and leaving and turn over your bracelet to the volunteers at the gate.

Source: Port Dover Kinsmen Club. Email: [email protected]

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