About the Route

Oxford County straddles Canada’s busiest highways. 401 and 403. You’ve heard of the famous Woodstock festival. Well there’s a whole lot going on in Oxford. We’re big on local food, great spots to eat, lots of choices in places to stay, great live entertainment, and some funky cool festivals such as Canterbury Folk, Turtlefest, Wienerfest or Cowapalooza. Life is way too serious, so come and sit back under a shady tree, take off your boots, and have some fun. Wiggling your toes in the grass is good for the soul. Did you know that we have gently rolling countryside for miles and miles. And some windy roads too. Drive through Amish countryside. Pitch your tent in a lakeside campground and watch the stars. And for a change of pace, why not rent a canoe and make a splash. Tramp our trails and birdwatch, or capture some photos to brag about. Did you know that each year thousands of people stop to get their picture taken with the cow statue in Woodstock. In the winter she’s surrounded by Christmas lights, and in the summer she’s in the midst of flower beds. A great chance to add a fun picture to your photo album. Phone us at 1-866-801-7368. We’ll fill in the names and places of some of the experiences listed on our website, and tell you about many more reasons why we’re a great place to put your head on a pillow and your tires on the pavement.

Events in Oxford County

  • Oxford Studio Tour, May
  • Oxford Renaissance Festival – June
  • Tillsonburg Turtlefest – June
  • Embro Highland Games – Canada Day
  • Canterbury Folk Festival – July
  • Woodstock Bikes & Blues/Streetfest – August
  • Norwich Tractor Pull – August
  • Cowapolooza – August
  • Drumbo Fair – September
  • Wings & Wheels – September
  • Halls Creek Festival of Creativity – September
  • Oxfordlicious – September


Oxford County, www.tourismoxford.ca